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BREXIT: Back to national intellectual property rights.

EU trademarks and designs are intellectual property rights that cover the whole EU. This is very interesting for companies because they receive uniform protection for 28 countries at relatively low costs. The withdrawal of the...[more]


Grips 4/2019 – Patent box

Patents can have many uses. They prevent third parties from just using the patent holders research for themselves. They provide the basis for licencing agreements or represent assets for financing or M&A activities. Soon, patents...[more]


Grips 3/2019 - Prior rights

Since the US changed their patent law in 2013, the first-to-file principle applies virtually all throughout the world. That is, if two inventors independently invent the same thing, the one to first deposit the invention at the...[more]


Grips 2019/2 - Preliminary Injunction

New and promising products run the risk of being copied shortly after being introduced to the market. In these cases it is crucial to act rapidly and determined. With a preliminary injunction greater damage can be prevented...[more]


Grips 2019/1 - State of the art

Every innovation builds on the shoulders of what already exists. Mostly the developers observe the market and then look for promising opportunities for improvement. Increasingly, attempts are also being made to use the patent...[more]

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